Jade is known for bringing good luck and prosperity into one's life. In this case, our jade is actually a white jade stone that has been treated to have a beautiful sea foam color. Another fun quality about our aqua jade is that this stone has a matte finish! White jade is lovely for welcoming harmony. It allows one to focus on making the right decisions that will benefit one's higher self. It filters distractions and ultimately promotes nothing but peace. Let go of feelings of guilt or worry and allow this stone to carry you through your life with great confidence & happiness!


10% of your purchase will go toward the featured charity.

Aqua Jade Bracelet

Color: Aqua
  • Bracelets are made at a default circumference of 7". This will be a comfortable, loose fit on most people. If the sizing must be altered, specify in your order or shoot us an email! We will gladly alter bracelet sizing to order.


    Average bracelet sizing:

    6 inches - for petite wrists / children and petite adults

    6.5 inches - for the average woman / medium frame

    7 inches - for the average man / large frame


    Bracelets can be made up to 8 inches in circumference.


    *Approximate measurements may vary from person to person, as we all come in different shapes and sizes! For the best estimate, we recommend measuring the circumference of your wrist with fashion measuring tape to get an accurate guide! Keep in mind whether you would like a tight or loose fit, as this will affect the size you may desire.


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