Carnelian is an orange stone that is amazing for bringing warmth into your life. Just in time for fall, carnelian is like a bonfire - stimulating energy, creativity, and passion! It also boosts your courage and self-confidence. This stone is great for getting you through your important tasks before it is time to settle down for the holidays! It is also great for attracting romance!


COLOR OPTIONS: Carnelian is a stone with a wide variation of colors, naturally. Due to this, you may choose from our color options if you would like to customize your necklace! The default color is red-orange, as pictured.


  • For the bundle, the color you choose will apply to both necklaces. If you would like them to be diffferent, please select "mix" and specify the color(s) you'd like for each necklace.
    • Example: One-bead: orange & Classic: light orange


10% of your purchase will benefit the featured charity.

Carnelian Bundle

$33.00 Regular Price
$30.00Sale Price
String Color
  • Necklaces are made at a default length of 14", as pictured. This will fit most people. If the sizing must be altered, specify in your order or shoot us an email! We will gladly alter necklace sizing to order.


    Average necklace sizing:

    14 inches - tight around neck (as pictured)

    16 inches - tight around base of throat (a little looser than pictured)

    18 inches - around collarbone (standard necklace length)


    *Approximate measurements may vary from person to person, as we all come in different shapes and sizes! For the best estimate, we recommend measuring the circumference of your neck with fashion measuring tape to get an accurate guide!


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